COMPETITION WINNER´S PRIZE-   *Nevena Popović*  Award  and  300 EUR

Diplomas will be sent by e-mail till June 15th

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                  The Arts Appreciation Society (ULJUS) had organized their  VIII International Piano Competition Smederevo  ON-LINE  on May, 2021.  The competition was   aimed at young students, from junior to university level and without age limits in artistic category.  There are categories: piano, comparative piano, chamber music, amateurs and piano music composition. For the third time, it will be held  two stages competition GRAND PRIX SMEDEREVO for all ages.

  The International Piano Competition in Smederevo saw about 1 500 young artists from 42 countries including Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, United States of America, Ukraine, Slovenia, Thailand, China, Croatia, North Macedonia, Island, Austria, Montenegro, Norwey, Greece, India, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Singapur, Iran, Malasia, Canada, South Korea, Brasil,  Russia, Hungary, Great Britain, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Israel, Portugal, Estonia, Italy, Taiwan, Georgia, Mongolia, Lithuania, Albania, France, Letonia, Serbia.

The aim is to encourage competition performing activities and support young people’s interest in performing piano compositions. 

  After the competition we organise The winners` Concert  of the International Piano Competition Smederevo with special diplomas in Concert hall of the music school ,,Stanković “ and in hall of SKC, Belgrade

   The event showcases not only the young artists but also the city of Smederevo in hope that this wonderful friendship continues for many years to come.
Our special thanks go to the city of Smederevo, for  support of the  International Piano Competition Smederevo.