The VIII International Piano Competition will be held ON-LINE on  April. Application desdline is April 30th, 2021 
The jury will consist of at least three renowned piano professors (composition). The jury´s decision is final and irrevocable.
If a  professor is a member of the jury but has his students in the competition , he has no right to evaluate and decide on the evaluation of his own students.
The competition takes place in all categories. The right to participate is open to full and part time  pupils of primary and secondary schools, university students and free artists from Serbia and abroad.

Junior category- born in 2012 and younger;free program up to 5 minutes
I category– born in 2010 and younger; free program up to 7 min.
II category-born in 2008 and younger; free program up to10min.
III category – born in 2006  and younger;  program up to 14 min.
IV category – born in 2004 and younger;  program up to 17 min.
V category– born in 2002 and younger;  program up to 20 min.
VI category – born in 2000 and younger;  program up to 20 min.
VII category – born in 1998. and younger; program up to 20 min.
VIII category– born in 1996. and younger; program up to 20 min.
IX category-Artistic category, without age limits; program up to 30min
Program:  one  or more compositions of free choice
Competitors must play by mind, without scores.

1.stage- elimination, program up to 20 minutes
2.stage- program up to 30 minute
Program is optional
I category- 2006. and younger
II category– 2002. and younger
III category– 1997. and younger
IV category– without age limits

Informations for Secondary Music  School students
Performers have the right to participate if they are:
1.Students who play another instrument as primary instrument and play piano as secondary instrument
2.  Students of vocal studies or ethnic singing who play piano at secondary school level.  Students of singing can be older, but they should put certificate of school year to participate. For II category they can attend 1st and 2nd grade of school, and for III category  they can attend 3rd and 4th grade of secondary music school.

I category – Primary Music School,  up to 5 minutes
II category – Secondary Music  School, first and second grade secondary school, up  to 7 minutes
III category – Secondary Music  School, third and fourth grade secondary school, up  to 8 minutes
Students of vocal studies or ethnic singing who might play another instrument at secondary school level.

I A category – born in 2004. and younger, up to 9 minutes
I B categoryborn in 2004. and younger ,up to 7 minutes
II A categoryborn in 2002. and younger, up to 10 minutes
II B category – born in 2002. and younger, up to 8 minutes
III category – University students I, II and III year of study ;  program to 11 minutes
IV category –  University students IV and V year of study;  program up to 12 minutes
A program-students who had previously played piano at a primary school level.
B program-students who had not previously played a piano.
University students who do not study Piano as their primary subject but study the theoretical section, musicology, ethnomusicology, composition, conducting.
Competitors can play with scores.

Students who play four hands piano composition, six hands, and duo, trio,etc, with piano or without piano also have a right to participate.
I category– born in 2009. and younger, up to 8 minutes
II category – born in 2006. and younger, up  to 10min
III category – born in 2002. and younger,  up to 15 minutes
IV category – born in 1997. and younger, up to 15 minutes
V category– Artistic category without age limit, up to 30 minutes
Program for Chamber music is optional.
Competitors can play with scores.

Competitors can perform one composition of classical, popular or jazz music for up to 10 minutes. Competitors are performers who did not attend music school, university or conservatory.
I category– 2012. and younger, program up to 5 minutes
II category– 2007. and younger, program up to 7 minutes
III category– 2002. and younger, program up to 10 minutes
IV category-without age limit , program up to 10 minutes

I category –  Primary Music School
II category –  Secondary  Music School
III category – University students
IV category– Artistic category without age limit The maximum length of the composition is up to 8 minutes for the first category and up to 15 minutes for other categories. Recorded compositions must be sent in mp3 format e-mail to  or through WeTransfer (site for downloading large files). For the  first category the competitor can send notes or recording, in other categories both notes and recording must be sent.
The notes  must be sent in pdf format. Also, compositions can be uploaded to and link be send by e-mail. Competitor can apply by on-line application on site

The  jury may interrupt the competitors if it exceeds the allowable playing time
95 -100 points – first prize
85-94.99 points- second prize
75-84.99 points- third prize
65-74.99 points- certificate of appreciation
0-64.99 points- diploma of participation
If more candidates have the same number of points , we are happy to assign multiple first, second , third and fourth prizes, as well as prizes and certificates of appreciation. If two candidates have the same number of points , the advantage in the ranking is given to a younger candidate.
Laureate of the category must have at least 98 points.

7. All categories are  for the Competition ONLINE
For the competition ONLINE must be submitted
 1.Completed application
 2.Proof of payment
 3.A copy of the birth certificate
 4.Link to uploaded video on You-tube  saved Unlisted ( Anyone with the video link can see your video) or Public  and  recorded or on competitor´s home instrument or competitor  recorded either on your home instrument or a competitor may send a recording of the program not older than 6 months. The recording can be either complete or for each composition individually.

It is required:
-On the recording, instrument, hands and face of the performer must be clearly seen
-Competitor´s  programme should be in the description of the video

Applications should be submitted by April, 30th, 2021

Application and rules can be downloaded from the website  where you can participate on-line or send an e-mail:
Results of the competition will be on web-site no later than 30 days from the end of the application

Registration fee for the competition
This is the amount required  to apply for the competition. We ask competitors to increase the amount  for the transaction costs
30 euros- piano junior, I category,  comparative piano, complementary piano all categories, popular music 35 euros- piano II category
40 euros – piano III-IV category
euros – piano V, VI, VII, VIII category
55 euros –  piano IX category

70 euros –piano GrandPrix all categories

Composition- 30 euros
Chamber music
I,II, III, IV category 20 euros per person; for ensembles of 3 or more members 50 euros in total
V category 30 euros per person; for ensembles of 3 or more members 80 euros in total

Payment   with   indication ( in EUR):
Registration fee for Piano Competition  Smederevo
56:Intermediary: BCITITMM
57:Account with institution:
Milentija Popovića 7B
Beograd, Republika Srbija
IBAN: RS35160005400002545668
Name: ULJUS (28142838)
Address: Narodnog fronta 1/41, 11300 Smederevo,Republic of Serbia
In case of withdrawal from the competition the amount paid will not be refunded.

Competitors are responsible for the costs of transport, food, and accomodation during the competition.
The winners of the competition will be awarded a diploma and may be given special awards , medals , trophies and gifts where applicable. The jury has the right to award special diplomas to promising  young artists for achieving an artistic level of performance. The jury may declare the competition laureates as well as laureates in the individual categories . The competition laureate will be awarded the prize *Nevena Popovic*
The organizer reserves the right to invite candidates for a repeat performance after the competition.
Contestants are not entitled to compesation for video or audio recording of their performance. The organizer reserves the right to publish the photos , shots from the competitions and concerts.
For underage candidates, parents or guardians are must confirm the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the competition. In case of a dispute , the Court in Smederevo. In this case, the applicable text of the propositions in Serbian.

Event director
Branislava Ranitović
tel. + 381 (0) 642 592 182, +  381 (0) 692 592 182


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