Professor & Student


Professor/s and Student/s who play together. Category will be determined by student´s age
I category– born in 2010. and younger, up to 8 minutes
II category – born in 2007. and younger, up  to 10min 
III category – born in 2003. and younger,  up to 15 minutes
IV category – born in 1998. and younger, up to 15 minutes
V category– Artistic category without age limit, up to 30 minutes
Program for Professor & Student is optional.
Competitors can play with scores.

For the competition LIVE and ONLINE must be submitted
 1.Completed application
 2.Proof of payment  
 3.A copy of the birth certificate
 4. ONLINE Competition- Link to uploaded video on You-tube  saved Unlisted ( Anyone with the video link can see your video) or Public  and  recorded or on competitor´s home instrument or competitor  recorded either on your home instrument or a competitor may send a recording of the program not older than 6 months. The recording can be either complete or for each composition individually.

It is required:
-On the recording, instrument, hands and face of the performer must be clearly seen
-Competitor´s  programme should be in the description of the video

Applications should be submitted by April 22, 2022

Application and rules can be downloaded from the website  where you can participate on-line or send an e-mail:
Results of the competition will be on web-site no later than 30 days from the end of the application

Registration fee for the competition:

Chamber music
I,II, III, IV category 20 euros per person; for ensembles of 3 or more members 50 euros in total
V category 30 euros per person; for ensembles of 3 or more members 80 euros in total

Payment   with   indication ( in EUR):
Registration fee for Piano Competition  Smederevo
56:Intermediary: BCITITMM
57:Account with institution:
Milentija Popovića 7B
Beograd, Republika Srbija
IBAN: RS35160005400002545668
Name: ULJUS (28142838)
Address: Narodnog fronta 1/41, 11300 Smederevo,Republic of Serbia