Baby category-born in 2015 and younger;free program up to 5 minutes
Junior category-
 born in 2013 and younger;free program up to 5 minutes
I category
– born in 2011 and younger; free program up to 7 min.
II category
-born in 2009 and younger; free program up to10min.
III category
– born in 2007  and younger;  program up to 14 min.
IV category
– born in 2005 and younger;  program up to 17 min.
V category
– born in 2003 and younger;  program up to 20 min.
VI category
 – born in 2001 and younger;  program up to 20 min.
VII category
– born in 1999. and younger; program up to 20 min.
VIII category
– born in 1997. and younger; program up to 20 min.
IX category
Artistic category, without age limits; program up to 30min
Program:  one  or more compositions of free choice
Competitors must play by mind, without scores

For the competition must be submitted:
1.Completed application
2.Proof of payment
3. A copy of the birth certificate
4. Link to uploaded video on You-tube (saved Unlisted or Public).

Competitor may send any  recording of the program, or recording performed on home instrument. It is required:

  • On the recording, instrument, hands and face of the performer must be clearly seen
  • Competitor´s  programme should be in the description of the video
  • Applications should be submitted by  April, 22,   2022

Application and rules can be downloaded from the website www.uljus.com  where you can participate      on-line  or send an e-mail:   takmicenjesmederevo@gmail.com

 Results of the competition ONLINE  will be on web-site no later than 30 days from the end of the application

Registration fee for the competition is:

  •  30 euros- piano junior, Baby category
  • 35 euros – piano I and II category
  • 40 euros – piano III-IV category
  • 45 euros- piano V-VIII category
  • 55 euros –  piano IX category

Payment   with   indication ( in EUR):
Registration fee for Piano Competition  Smederevo

  • 57:Account with institution:
    Milentija Popovića 7B
    Beograd, Republika Srbija
  •  59:Beneficiary:
    IBAN: RS35160005400002545668
    Name: ULJUS (28142838)                                                                               
  • Address: Narodnog fronta 1/41, 11300 Smederevo,Republic of Serbia

Paypal:   branislavasd@gmail.com