The jury will have a maximum of 3 to 6 members and will be different in categories of competition

  • Manana Kandelaki, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Lidija Stanković, FMU Belgrade, Serbia
  • Dejan Stošić, FMU Belgrade, Serbia
  • Tea Dimitrijević, FMU Belgrade, Serbia
  • Dragan Jovanović, FU Nis, Serbia
  • Nenad Kačar, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Barbara Bego Bojić, Croatia
  • Marija Maksimova, North Macedonia
  • Dina Hadžiomerović, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Branislava Ranitović, Serbia


  • Svetlana Savić, FMU Belgrade
  • Tatjana Milošević Mijanović, FMU Belgrade
  • Doroteja Vejnović, AU Novi Sad, Serbia


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