VII International Piano Competition Smederevo ONLINE

We are happy to announce winners of special awards:

The Award Winner *Nevena Popović * Una Miljuš, Serbia

Special Diploma for Artistic Uniqueness: Alexander Julakidze, Izrael

Special Diploma for  the Performance of  F. Chopin´s Etude: Dongmin Chen, USA

Special Diploma for Artistic Performance: Mariko Nakano, Japan

Special Diploma for Subtlety and Poetic Performance: Nino Bitsadze, Gruzija

Special Diploma for Exceptional Creative Potential: Leon Korman, Croatia


I kategorija- I Category

II kategorija- II Category

III kategorija- III Category

IV kategorija- IV Category

V kategorija- Category V

VI, VII, VIII kategorija- Category V,VI,VII

IX kategorija- Category IX

Grand prix Smederevo

Komplementarni kl.III kat

Komplementarni kl.IV kat

Chamber Music


Comparative Piano

Complementary Piano II B kat.

Complementary Piano I B

Composition, results